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Strip track ShadeTree shade canopy system
  enhances the function
& architectural beauty
of your arbor or pergola

Now you can mount your canopy tracks directly between beams to create a wood structure that provides shade as well as architectural interest. As an alternative to our standard aluminum Forester model tracks, which are two-sided and accommodate two canopies, ShadeTree® Canopies can be mounted between beams using our new "striptrack" system as shown in figure #1. The canopies are available in three fabric widths: 60", 46" or 30"; when calculating the spacing between your decorative beams, allow 5' 3 1/2" for 60" canopies, 4' 1 3/4" for 46" canopies or 33 1/8" for 30" canopies.

Strip-Track canopy systems are the same price as the Forester model, which is shown in the Forester pricing section.

   locking wind-release mechanism
Locking wind release mechanism for your ShadeTree Shade canopy
Figure 1
A simple, single-sided track attaches directly to your decorative beams. The protective wind release mechanism holds the canopies in place, or releases canopies in heavy wind.
Simple space decorative strip track from ShadeTree shade canopy

It's easy! Simply space decorative beams 5' 3 1/2", 4' 1 3/4" apart or 33 1/8", depending on width of canopies ordered.

ShadeTree Strip Track canopy system

Flexible design! The ShadeTree Strip-Track Canopy System can adapt to existing structures, or start from scratch and design your own.

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