Why Should You Design Your Custom Shade Canopy in the Offseason?

So here’s the scene. It’s the middle of summer, a warm, sunny day, and you’re hanging out by the pool, maybe having a barbecue with friends and family. And for some reason, all you can think about is a warm scarf and what your wardrobe might look like in the winter.

Seems silly, right? Well, for your wardrobe maybe it’s a little strange to be obsessively planning several months before you can actually use it. But when you’re planning a custom outdoor shade solution, that’s the perfect time to start!

Plan Your Outdoor Shade Solution Early, Use It On Time

We used the metaphor of planning your winter wardrobe on a hot summer day, because planning your outdoor shade solution in the fall or winter may seem like it makes equally little sense.

But of course, the big difference is that clothing you can just buy and start wearing immediately. Your custom shade solution requires time for planning, measuring, designing, and construction.

Naturally, at ShadeTree Canopies we pride ourselves on making that process of planning your custom shade canopy as quick and seamless as possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s instantaneous. And even if it was, that’s not necessarily better for you, either!

Giving yourself some time to mull over different options and make an informed decision on things like size, material, construction, color, design, and functionality for your outdoor shade canopy can help you make the best decisions rather than rushing into something just to get it constructed on time.

If you wait until the weather starts warming up to start planning your outdoor shade solution, you’re already missing out on part of the season where you could be enjoying it! By starting early, you can get your plans in place, get the construction in place, and start using your new custom shade system the moment weather allows for it – even if that’s a nice warm snap in early spring!

Avoid the Busy Season for Your Custom Shade Solution

Lots of people won’t be thinking about how to make their outdoor spaces cool and comfortable with an outdoor shade system in the winter, and that’s exactly why it’s the right time for you to start!

By starting the planning process for your custom shade canopy during a less-busy season, you will enjoy faster service and more availability during your process. Naturally, we aim to always provide a top-notch customer service experience every day of the year, but when designing during the off-season, you’ll also enjoy faster turnaround times and easier scheduling for local crews.

In other words, designing your custom shade canopy during the offseason is the best way to make sure you have plenty of time to choose your design, consult with our experts, and get your canopy delivered, constructed and installed with no hassle.

So be first in line to upgrade your outdoor space for the next season, and get it ready to use for the opening day of your next season of outdoor fun! Contact us today for a quote and get your process started today!