Installation options
Strip-tracks can be surface-mounted onto the beams as shown below in figure #2, or the beams can be routed and the strip-track recessed into the routed space, figure #3. It is important that the tracks remain straight, with consistent spacing between the beams. Therefore, when using wood beams, it is suggested to use no smaller than 4 x 6 dry lumber to prevent warping that could affect the performance of the retractable canopies. (Cedar is the most reliable and attractive.)

The ShadeTree Strip-Track Canopy System can be adapted to existing structures, or you can start from scratch and design your own. These side-mounting tracks attach to virtually any surface and are limited only by the two standard canopy widths - 60" & 46". (see figure 2 & 3)


FIGURE 2 - Surface-mounted track option


FIGURE 3 - Routed/recessed track option



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