You can use the Garden Getaway Brackets to attach a Forester system to a house or building:

Shade Structure

The following parts are included in Bracket Kits to attach the Forester model system to the house:
Widths up to 12' wide Widths over 12' up to 21' 4" wide
  Corner Brackets 2 Corner Brackets 2
  Post Caps   2   Center Post Bracket (Right)   1  
  Wood beam end bracket (Right)   1   Center Post Bracket (Left)   1  
     (attaches to house)       Center Post Backing Plate   1  
  Wood beam end bracket (Left)   1   Post Caps   3  
     (attaches to house)       Wood beam end bracket (Right)   1  
  Bolts & Washers   58      (attaches to house)   1  
          Wood beam end bracket (Left)   1  
             (attaches to house)      
          Bolts & Washers   88  
Kit #1A $599.95 Kit #2A $759.95  
Steel bracket kits can also be used with the Strip-Track
System to create a handsome wood structure.
As an alternative to our standard two-sided aluminum Forester tracks, ShadeTree®, canopies can be mounted between beams using our single-sided "Strip-Track" system. The illustration at left shows the strip track system that is also utilizing the steel bracket kits for construction of the wood support system.
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