Shade Retreat, a Free-standing Vinyl Shade system

a free-standing vinyl shade system for residential
and commercial outdoor living.
If you prefer a shaded patio that is not attached to your house or building, you will appreciate our ShadeTree® ShadeRetreat™. Place it near the house, or away from the house, by the pool, or down by the lake . . . anywhere. The sections are precision engineered to fit together quickly and easily, yet they provide great strength and durability. The beams and tracks utilize reinforced aluminum for extra strength and can span up to 21 feet, making it ideal for shading larger areas, such as restaurant patios, office break areas, playgrounds and other public shade applications. The ShadeRetreat, retractable vinyl shade canopies for your deck
the possibilities are endless.
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for restaurant patios
Restaurant patios
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for company break areas
Company break areas
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for retirement centers
Retirement centers
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for play grounds
Play grounds
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for public areas
Public areas
ShadeTree shade canopy, canopies for sports facilities
Sports facilities
Free standing vinyl shadetree shade canopy, canopies
  Each vinyl beam is reinforced with heavy-gauge aluminum for strength and durability to provide spans up to 21 feet from the house
ShadeTree® model:
vinyl (ShadeRetreat model)
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