Elegant retractable awning systems for  residential  &  commercial  outdoor living  
Determining the cost of a ShadeTree® canopy system for
your deck or patio is as . . .
 1.  Select a ShadeTree® model.   (attached to a building or free-standing)
  OVERHEAD canopy/track kit only

Overhead canopy/tracks only
(The " Forester" model)
Aluminum overhead tracks with canopies. Mounted on wood supports that you build, or an existing structure.
Lumber not included.
more about The Forester 

Optional brackets for
free-standing wood systems
("Garden Getaway" accessory brackets)
An easy, yet rugged wood structure for Forester model.
Lumber not included.
more about Garden Getaway 
  ALUMINUM structures with canopies

Aluminum attached supports
(The " Capri" model)
Complete aluminum system.
No carpentry skills required.
Pre-cut, drilled, ready for
easy assembly.
more about The Capri 

Deluxe attached
Aluminum supports
(The NEW! "Deluxe Bungalow" model)
Upscale cast aluminum system
spans up to 24 feet. Pre-cut,
drilled, ready for on-site assembly.
more about the Deluxe Bungalow 

Aluminum free-standing
(The " Capri II" model)
A free-standing version, this aluminum structure has many optional accessories including cabana curtains, blinds & colors. Great at poolside!
more about The Capri II 

Deluxe free-standing
Aluminum supports
(The NEW! "Deluxe Bungalow" model)
A rugged, free-standing cast aluminum
system that spans up to 24 feet.
Ideal for large areas.
more about the Deluxe Bungalow 
  VINYL structures with canopies

Vinyl attached supports
(The " Greenbriar" model)
Complete vinyl system. Vinyl tracks & supports are virtually maintenance-free. Can be integrated with vinyl fence, deck and railing too.
more about The Greenbriar 

Vinyl attached Pergola Structures
These complete kits include a handsome, architectural " pergola" structure with ShadeTree® retractable canopies. In low-maintenance white or beige vinyl.
more about pergolas 

Vinyl free-standing supports
(The " ShadeRetreat" model)
Complete vinyl, stand-alone systems. Vinyl tracks and supports are virtually maintenance-free. A beautiful shade "gazebo"!
more about The ShadeRetreat 

Vinyl free-standing
Pergola Structures
Complete free-standing kits include a stately " pergola" structure with canopies. Add visual excitment to your patio,
poolside, or garden "hard"scaping.
more about pergolas 
 2.  Indicate your deck or patio's approximate dimension.    (width & desired projection)
 Select the WIDTH
Number of Canopies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Width using 60" fabric 5' 4" 10' 8" 16' 21' 4" 26' 8" 32' 37' 4" 42' 8" 48' 53' 4" 58' 8" 64'
Width using 46" fabric 4' 2¼" 8' 4½" 12' 6¾" 16' 9" 20' 11¾" 25' 1½" 29' 3¾" 33' 6" 37' 8¼ 41' 10½" 46' ¾" 50' 3"
Not sure how many canopies you need to fit the width of your space?
Enter your desired width below and the computer will recommend a combination of the
two fabric widths:  
Preferred width:     feet:       inches:  
 Indicate the PROJECTION you would like your canopies to cover (Distance from mounting point to mounting point for Wood Forester Models  or from house to or outside edge (or outside edge to outside edge if free-standing) of available floor space if vinyl or aluminum.)
Projection:      feet:       inches:  
 3.  Choose your fabric, support and track color.
ShadeTree Canopies are available in your choice
of three price and style series.
Select fabric style:
Series A Airflow MESH Fabrics
Economical, attractive & durable
Blocks varying percentages of sun
depending on color.
  << scroll
to select
      Series B SOLID Fabrics
Versatile, with complete sun blockage
Over 20 solid woven solid color fabrics
from the leading fabric manufacturers.
  << scroll
to select
      Series C STRIPE Fabrics
Fashionable, with complete sun blockage
Over 20 solid woven striped fabrics from
the leading fabric manufacturers.
   << scroll
to select
Select track color and/or support structure color:
canopy/track kit only
The "Forester" model
Colors available:
Beige strip track only
structures with canopies
The "Capri & Capri II" models
Colors available:
Deluxe Bungalow model
Colors available:
structures with canopies
Colors available:
Includes all vinyl models;
"Greenbriar", "ShadeRetreat"
& decorative Pergolas
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3