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ShadeTree® Canopy Cleaner
Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Removes tough dirt, mold, mildew, algae stain, oils, and most food stains. Gentle to skin and has no harmful vapors. Concentrated 12 oz. package makes 3 gallons. Includes measuring scoop.
Canopy Cleaner
Part No. 40-75-114
12 oz.
$27.50 Qty: 

ShadeTree® Water Repellent
Effective on all fabrics, it protects fabric from water, soils, oils, bird droppings, and environmental pollutants. Resists mildew & stains, and increases weatherability. Will not change the color, feel or breathability of the fabric. Non-toxic, non-silicon formula.
Water Repellent
Part No. 40-75-116
22 oz. spray bottle
$27.50 Qty: 
ShadeTree® EasyRider™
Track Lubricant Cleaner
Keeps your canopies riding smoothly in the tracks.

You’ll appreciate the ease with which EasyRider can be applied. It’s as simple as, spray it on and wipe it off! Even if applied on dirty tracks, the end result will be a smooth-operating ShadeTree® Canopy System
Track Lubricant
Part No. 40-75-106
4 fl. oz.
$16.50 Qty: 
SAVE $ Buy all 3!    EasyRider™ Track Lubricant Cleaner, Water Repellent & Canopy Cleaner (individually $71.50)
ShadeTree® Maintenance Kit
Part No. 40-75-300 $55.00 Qty: 
Top Lock Bracket Assembly for all VINYL TRACKS
The Top Lock Bracket Assembly fits over the top of the Vinyl Track. There are two for each track. One is placed at the fully extended position of each
canopy section. The other holds the canopy in the retracted position at the house end of the track. The Bracket Assembly supports spring clips that hold the canopy taut, but release it in heavy wind to prevent damage. Adjustable spring tension. Available in white, beige or gray.
Vinyl Top Lock Assembly
Part No. AS006K $11.25
White    Qty: 
Beige    Qty: 
Top Lock Bracket Assembly for 2-SIDED ALUMINUM TRACKS under 16'
This locking bracket is used for the same function as the Vinyl Top Lock Bracket Assembly, but for Forester and Suburban models from 1997-2003.
Available in white only. (Forester systems with projections over 16’ use Capri Top Lock)
Aluminum Top Lock Assembly
Part No. AS002K $10.50
White    Qty: 
Top Lock Bracket Assembly for 1-SIDED ALUMINUM

This locking bracket is used wind protection on the Forester Strip-Track system. Available in white or beige.
Strip Track Top Lock Assembly
Part No. K009 $10.95
White    Qty: 
Beige    Qty: 
Top Lock Bracket Assembly for NEW ALUMINUM (CAPRI)
The same as the other two top lock brackets but made specifically for the Capri and Capri II models. Available in white or beige.
Aluminum Capri Top Lock Assembly
Part No. ASP006K $17.50
White    Qty: 
Taupe    Qty: 
Black    Qty: 
Canopy Roller Hooks
Roller hooks were used to hold the last canopy in place before roller locks were invented. Now they are used to hold out the last canopy when the canopies are obstructing
a door or window. (Note: If the last panel is locked in the extended position, it is recommended that a grommet is placed in the center of the panel for rain drain.) This part is no longer available and has been replaced with the new Roller Lock Pin Assembly shown below.
Roller Lock Pin Assembly
Roller locks are used in the very last cross members in all canopies made after 2002. They were designed to replace the roller hooks. If any roller hooks need to be replaced, the new roller locks will be sent out instead
unless otherwise requested.
Roller Lock Pin Assembly
Part No. AS023 $8.50
White    Qty: 
Black    Qty: 
Front Slide Lock Assembly
The front cross members of all canopies will have these to help them “lock” in the Top Lock Brackets in both the extended and retracted positions. Available in white only.
Front Slide Lock Assembly
Part No. AS018 $7.50
White    Qty: 
Black    Qty: 
Canopy Roller Assembly
The new roller assemblies include a screw for more support. Because of the design, they can not be sold separate and only as an assembly. Available in white only.
Canopy Roller Assembly
Part No. AS019 $6.50
White    Qty: 
Black    Qty: 
Canopy Allen Wrench
These wrenches fit into the set screws of all
roller lock pins, roller hooks and top lock
brackets. Used for tightening and loosen-
ing hardware when installing and
taking down canopies.

Canopy Allen Wrench (pkg of 2)
Part No. AS024 $1.10
Bottom Cross Member
Heavyduty extruded 60" or 46" long aluminum tubes that support the canopy fabric between the tracks. Supplied with a powder-coated finish.
Part No. Part Name Price
S-005 White 60" BCM $14.50 Qty: 
S-005 Black 60" BCM $14.50 Qty: 
S-005A-F White 60" BCM Front $14.50 Qty: 
S-005A-F Black 60" BCM Front $14.50 Qty: 
S-005-46 White 46" BCM $11.95 Qty: 
S-005-46 Black 46" BCM $11.95 Qty: 
S-005A-F-46 White 46" BCM Front $12.95 Qty: 
S-005A-F-46 Black 46" BCM Front $12.95 Qty: 
Top Cross Member (Fabric Clamp)
These are 60" or 46" long plastic pieces which clamp the fabric to the Bottom Cross Members. The fabric rides over the bottom cross member and is held firmly in place when this piece clamps on top.
Part No. Part Desc Price
S-006 White 60" $8.25 Qty: 
S-006 Black 60" $8.25 Qty: 
S-006-46 White 46" $6.95 Qty: 
S-006-46 Black 46" $6.95 Qty: 
This 60" or 46" handle is attached to the outermost end of the canopy for use in extending and retracting the canopy. It also serves to keep the end of the canopy fabric flat and unwrinkled..
Part No. Part Desc. Price
AST021 30 White 30" $35.50 Qty: 
AST021 30 Beige 30" $35.50 Qty: 
AST021 30 Black 30" $35.50 Qty: 
AST020 46 White 46" $55.50 Qty: 
AST020 46 Beige 46" $55.50 Qty: 
AST020 46 Black 46" $55.50 Qty: 
AST021 60 White 60" $60.95 Qty: 
AST021 60 Beige 60" $60.95 Qty: 
AST021 60 Black 60" $60.95 Qty: 
Sky Hook
For installations that are too high to reach the canopy
Part No. Part Desc. Price
91000-REG 46" length $15.40 Qty: 
91000-REG BLACK 46" length $20.25 Qty: 
91000 60" length $21.75 Qty: 
91000 BLACK 60" length $21.75 Qty: 
Internal Post Anchor
For use in securing vinyl 4x4 posts for Greenbriar & ShadeRetreat models to concrete or decks,when sinking wood posts in the ground is not possible.
Internal Post Anchor
Part No. AS022 $95.95
Internal Column Anchor
For vinyl pergolas & aluminum Biltmore™. For use when surface-mounting vinyl columns to concrete or decks. Internal wood post bolts directly onto bracket.
Internal Column Anchor
Part No. AS0050A $155.00
Roof Mounting Bracket
When a ShadeTree systems needs to be attached to a roof, these brackets provide a secure surface for the track end-mounting brackets. Not necessary for the single-sided strip tracks.
Roof Mounting Bracket
Part No. A053 $65.95
Backyard Blind™ Parts
Track Mounting Brackets
These heavy duty brackets fit into the bottom or side channels of the ShadeTree tracks.
Track Mounting Brackets
Part No. AS021 $16.50
White    Qty: 
Beige    Qty: 
Taupe    Qty: 
Black    Qty: 
Wood Mounting Brackets
These heavy duty brackets allow you to attach the blinds to virtually any surface. Wood screws provided.
Wood Mounting Brackets
Part No. AS025 $6.50
Clutch Assembly
This bracket fits into the end of the blind and allows the blind to roll up and down. Includes 108” chain with ball stop. White only.
Clutch Assembly
Part No. AS026 $25.50
Roller Plug
The opposite end of the Clutch Assembly. White only.
Part No. A018 $6.75
Part No. Part Desc. Price
C021 White Screw Cap (PVC) $0.15 Qty: 
C021 Beige Screw Cap (PVC) $0.15 Qty: 
C022 Clear Washer (PVC) $0.10 Qty: 
Part No. Part Desc. Price
F051 White Screw Cap (PVC) $0.70 Qty: 
F051 Beige Screw Cap (PVC) $0.70 Qty: 

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