ShadeTree® Pergolas

Covered Pergolas: Whether you have an existing pergola or are starting from scratch, our covered pergolas are a beautiful way to add more functional shade to any deck or patio. Our Retractable Roof Pergolas are the perfect, outdoor canopy and shade system for all of your needs.

Our outdoor, shade solutions are the finest from any pergola builder, anywhere.

The ShadeTree® pre-cut, pre-drilled vinyl covered pergola kits feature low-maintenance vinyl beams and columns with shade-providing pergola covers between the rafters. Functional and attractive, ShadeTree Canopies are available in your choice of over forty handsome, commercial-grade, outdoor fabric colors. Our Attached Pergola and Covered Pergola kits are easily removed for occasional cleaning or winter storage. The white or beige vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and termite-proof.

Custom-designed vinyl, covered pergolas with shade add visual appeal and resale value to any property! Available with three column styles: round columns, square columns, or 4"x4" vinyl posts. Call today and work with our design consultants to create the shade pergola that fits your architectural style.

Custom Pergolas

ShadeTree® pergolas are perfect for shade on any size or shaped deck or patio

Our pergolas, attached pergolas, pergola kits, and pergola covers can be used as a free-standing shade structure, or attached to your house or building. Custom-made to any size to fit your deck or patio and the flexible, modular design allows the system to fit odd-shaped decks or patios. Spans up to 21' to cover large areas!
Introducing our exclusive vinyl pergola kits, featuring ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies. These pre-cut, pre-drilled pergola kits are made of low-maintenance vinyl and can be used as a free-standing structure, or attached to your house or building. No pitch is required, with unsupported spans exceeding 20 feet. (Larger areas can be covered with additional columns.) Custom-made, any size to fit your deck or patio. Our on-staff computer-aided (CAD) designers are also available to create custom designs. The 30" ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies can be in your choice of over thirty handsome fabric colors. To see various size options, visit our vinyl pergola on-line estimator.
Handsome Design
Our unique, vinyl 2"x 6" track profile incorporates a channel for ShadeTree® retractable canopies, and includes decorative hardware and columns creating an architectural statement on your patio or deck.
Wind release system
When extended, each ShadeTree® canopy section is held in place by a patented "wind release" mechanism. If left unattended and heavy winds come up, the mechanism releases the canopy, allowing it to move freely in the tracks to reduce risk of damage.
Each beam is reinforced
All vinyl beams are reinforced with heavy-gauge aluminum for strength and durability, allowing spans up to 21 feet.
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Building your own pergola or retrofitting an existing patio cover or pergola?

If you have an existing pergola, or want to build your own wooden pergola structure, we can work with your measurements to provide you with strip track or under-beam tracks and custom canopies cut to fit any shade structure.
We also offer Trex pergola kits using TrexTrim pergolas and our single sided strip track system.
Canopy and track kits are available to fit under or between the rafters. For more information visit our pergola shade pages.
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