Your All-Weather Canopy


For starters,

Shadetree is a national partner with many outdoor living products to provide the best patio covers and pergola structures to fit your needs.
We work together to define the features that will suit your space and needs. We know that all outdoor spaces are unique, and we are proud of offer solutions for them all.
Some covers are motorized, some offer snow loads, gutters for water management, some attached or freestanding - all are custom design for your specific area.

For More Protection

For even more protection form the elements, we can outfit your structure with drop-down panels, windows, or screens.
Extreme hot or cold temperatures can be managed with our all-weather solutions. Accessorize your space with heaters, fans, misters, and lighting,
Even the aesthetic design is something you can customize. Color choices, post design, and materials used can make an impact on making your outdoors area beautiful, protected, and functional.

How To Start

Your All-Weather Canopy Construction

We make the design and installation of your all-weather canopy system easy and collaborative from start to finish!

We offer FREE measurements of your space and no-obligation quotes to get you started, and then work with you throughout the installation process to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want at every step of the process. Best of all, Shadetree offers customer-friendly benefits that you won’t get with other companies, including a 10-year warranty. Find out more about the ShadeTree difference.

Whether you’re looking for a little outdoor dining canopy, a simple rest area, or a full-featured event space, our Corradi all-weather canopies are a great choice for your home or business. 

Check out our gallery for just a few of the countless applications of our outdoor shade solutions, or contact us to get your shade system started today!

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