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ShadeTree Structures & Retractable Canopy Systems Are Great Solutions For Many Commercial Applications

ShadeTree Canopies has been partnering with businesses for decades to create stylish, functional shaded outdoor spaces. From restaurants to country clubs to apartment communities, we can design a custom patio or canopy that you and your customers will love.

While our entire catalog is available for your commercial property, we do have some products that are particularly popular choices as a commercial canopy, and for good reason.

Our Corradi All Weather Canopies are a versatile way to create a beautiful outdoor space that can be used in nearly any conditions. And our Louvered Roof Systems bring functionality and comfort with a professional touch. Find out which of these options might work best for your commercial canopy, and how ShadeTree can help you design the perfect version of it for your space.

  • Restaurant patios
  • Condominiums
  • Spectator areas
  • Day care centers
  • Poolside retreats
  • Apartments
  • Picnic areas
  • Break areas
  • Privacy areas
  • Retirement
  • Rooftop venues
  • Hotels

Why Shadetree Retractable Canopies & Awnings For Commercial Properties?

  • 20 years of providing complete outdoor structure solutions
  • Free design consultation from knowledgeable professionals
  • Computer automated renderings
  • Nationwide installation network
  • Patented products
  • Fast delivery throughout North America