Why ShadeTree

Over 20 Years of Solutions

The ShadeTree canopy system was developed in 1997. It has been improved and modified throughout the years but the concept remains the same. Provide protection to homeowners from the hot sun and damaging UV rays. The patented system was designed to be flexible, functional, and adaptable to most pergolas and structure while being quick and easy to install.

Over the years the ShadeTree product offerings have grown to include many different structures and pergola options, many with our own patented canopy system. We offer innovative designs that protect from the sun, rain, and snow. Choose freestanding or attached, our modular design can be fabricated to fit any deck or patio.

  • ShadeTree Purchased The Patented Canopy System
  • New Aluminum Bungalow Structure Available
  • Retractable Awnings & All Weather Pergolas Offered
  • Fiberglass Pergolas & Trex Pergolas Added
  • Patio Furniture Added
  • Motorized Blinds & Track Lighting Offered
  • Aluminum Pergola Designed & Heaters / Fire-pits Offered
  • New Fabric Choices & Louvered Roof Systems Added
  • Solar Window Awnings & Acrylic Patio Covers Available
  • New Logo, New Brand, New Designs, & New Products
  • Protected Homeowners While Offer A Safe Haven At Home And Business Owners The Ability To Expand Safely
  • Designed A Record Number Of Outdoor Shade Solutions

All ShadeTree canopies are made with the highest quality marine-grade fabrics. With 100s of different colors to choose from our designers can collaborate to find the perfect fit for your outdoor living setting. Unique to each canopy system is a patented built-in wind release mechanism. This protects the canopies from the damaging effects of high winds. Our panel design is so flexible that you can decide who gets shade and who gets sun, worried about the winter weather or a big storm? Our canopies can be easily removed and stored safely.

The ShadeTree canopy system has been sold around the world. Embassy’s in Africa, garden patios in Japan, resorts, country clubs, retirement centers, daycare facilities, restaurants, and thousands of homeowners throughout the u.S. All have taken advantage of the cooling effects and our custom design features. In 2011 ShadeTree Cool Living LLC purchased the ShadeTree Canopy System. Its company mission is to provide cool products while continuing to explore and design new options for its customers to “ enjoy their outdoors”.


We are your outdoor shade experts and eager to start designing your outdoor solution today!