The ShadeTree Story

Shade Canopies for Commercial Spaces: Improving Outdoor Spaces for Everyone

The ShadeTree system was developed in 1997 to provide protection to homeowners from the
hot sun and damaging UV rays. Although we have grown dramatically in the past 20+ years, our
drive has not changed.

We are on a mission to leave the world a better place by providing the best shade to
homeowners and business owners alike with protection from the harmful UV rays, reducing the
amount of usable energy, and providing a place to relax and recharge, entertain, and enjoy time
with their family and friends.

Over more than 20 years ago the patent ShadeTree system was invented by Marvin Williams.
Marvin was a serial inventor, changing our day-to-day lives as we now know it with inventions
such as the wheeling suitcase, the turf seeder/spreader, and of course, the innovative
ShadeTree retractable canopy system. Colin LeVeque, outdoor enthusiast and ensuing
entrepreneur, purchased the outdoor shade company along with the patented shade system in
2011 with a desire to build and expand; and that is exactly what he did.

Today, we are the outdoor shade solution with new and modern structures and pergolas. Our
modular design can be organically integrated into your porch, deck, or patio. We can retro-fit our
tracks and canopies for a seamless install into your existing structure, we can custom design a
structure combined with our retractable canopies, or we can partner with other manufacturers to
design you with the best all-weather solution. We specialize in custom retractable canopies and
structures for residential and commercial applications. With freestanding or attached structure;
there is no installation we can not figure out.

The beauty of our patented system lies in its flexibility. Because the paneled canopies are
manually moved, you can customize the sun protection of your outdoor living space. In addition,
there is no need to worry about wind damage – our canopies are equipped with a patented wind
release mechanism that will automatically release your canopies from a lock position and allow
them to move freely along the tracks. Reducing any wind pull or damage to the structure and
building. It really is a unique product for any outdoor space and truly can’t be found anywhere

Ironically, our process is really quite simple! We connect homeowners and business owners
nationwide with our expert shade designers. Sharing images of the space you are looking to
shade and the goal you want to accomplish. We can give you a quick estimate with a general
idea of size. From there, one of our installers will visit and take actual measurements of the
space you are looking to shade. Now, the really fun part, while our designers and CAD
department work together to design the perfect custom shade solution, you are selecting colors
and browsing fabric options. Once the design is approved, we start manufacturing your custom
system in our production facility in Columbus, Ohio! Then our installer will schedule installation.
Most installations are done within a day and you are enjoy your gorgeous shade system for
years and years to come! We have heard it so many times before, it really is a total
transformation and homeowners and businesses owners are so grateful that they made the
decision to add custom shade to their unusable outdoor space.

We, at ShadeTree, are so deeply proud to be your “Outdoor Shade Solution” to your outdoor
living needs with focus on quality products, excellent services, and innovative designs. We truly
could not imagine a world without retractable shade and we are grateful to be marking our mark
in leaving the world a better place.