Escape the Sun in Style: Discovering the Trendiest Uses for Your Shade Canopy

Just like a living room, an outdoor space should be decorated and decked out to create a comfortable oasis of extra living space on your property. Treat your outdoor space with the shade and weather protection it deserves – in style – with shade canopy solutions.

Our ShadeTree products can be implemented in a multitude of ways to elevate your outdoor retreat. Discover an array of trendy shade and canopy ideas that will provide a relaxing escape from the sun and the elements.

6 On-Trend Shade Ideas & Uses for Shade Canopies

1. Incorporate a stylish retractable canopy on your existing pergola or arbor

Optimize your current setup by adding an overhead canopy shade system that can retract using mounted tracks. A ShadeTree Forester canopy will provide customizable shade or sun as each canopy panel is independent of the other, and the system can be retrofitted to your existing pergola or arbor. Plus, with marine-grade fabrics made in 100s of colors and patterns for the canopy, it can perfectly match your color scheme or add that splash of color your landscape needs.

ShadeTree Forester Retractable Canopy System
Forester Canopy System

2. Add a pop of color (and shade) with an umbrella

Frankford umbrellas are a popular addition to poolsides, sitting areas, dining tables, and more! With endless durable designs, sizes, and functionality, there’s no shortage of stylish options. Choose an outdoor umbrella that’s fixed and stable if you need to provide shade in a solitary area or a portable umbrella if you want to choose where you get shade.

ShadeTree Frankford Umbrella
Frankford Umbrella

3. Shade your deck with a low-profile Capri system

With its minimalist design and easy setup that can be attached to a deck railing, a Capri shade system can be a discreet addition to your deck or balcony. Without sacrificing the space on your deck, you’ll have a simple shade solution that blends seamlessly into your deck’s design. The Capri can also be anchored to a stamped patio or other stable ground.

Capri Canopy System

4. Enjoy your pool without the sunburn under a Bungalow

You can skip the sunscreen after installing a ShadeTree Bungalow structure covered with retractable canopy shades over your pool. Its rugged aluminum structure comes in black, bronze, white, and many other colors and is finished with decorative elements such as a flat caps or recessed posts. A Bungalow not only provides your pool with customizable shade using independent retractable panels but also an aesthetically pleasing embellishment to your pool layout. 

Deluxe Bungalow

5. Decorate your balcony with a sophisticated awning

On those unbearably sunny and hot days, a motorized awning above your balcony allows you to sit out and enjoy a glass of wine or lunch on your balcony without sun rays beating down on you. With ShadeTree motorized lateral arm awnings, you get to choose from a range of colors and decorative edges that elevate your balcony’s aesthetic. When you don’t wish to have shade, simply retract your awning.

Motorized Lateral Arm Awning

6. Shelter your outdoor dining or bar space from the elements with a retractable overtop

An enjoyable, worry-free outdoor dining and drinks experience shouldn’t be limited to those days with perfect weather. Whether it’s too hot in the sun or raining on your parade, you can still sit out in your outdoor dining space under a retractable overtop like the Roll Flex. Utilizing weather-protective, durable fabric for the retractable canopy means your dinner party will be uninterrupted from the elements, rain or shine. Or add a louvered roof structure to maximum function and flexibility.

Retractable Roll Flex Overtop

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home; so treat it as such and take advantage of your beautiful outdoor living spaces by investing in shade and canopy solutions. And with many different fabric colors and patterns to choose from, your outdoor spaces also come to life with your creativity. Get personalized help from designers and find the perfect shade canopy for your setup. Call us at 1-800-894-3801 or contact us online!