Outdoor Shade Canopy Fabrics

Select from over 100 handsome & durable decorator fabrics for your canopies

One of the most important parts of choosing the design of your ShadeTree canopy is picking out the fabric! Not only does the color, pattern, and material of your fabric choice make the biggest difference in how your outdoor shade solution looks and feels, it can also affect the function and purpose rather significantly!

Luckily, ShadeTree Canopies offers a choice of over 100 different fabrics for your outdoor shade canopy, and while they may differ slightly in their specialized function, you can rest assured that all of our fabric options are stylish, durable, and effective.

As part of our outdoor shade solution purchasing process, we offer swatch samples of any of our colors and designs so you can compare! Just review the options available to you below, and choose what works for you!

You can choose from over 100 solid and stripe patterns shown on this site. However, we will be happy to custom-order additional solids or stripes to match your existing cushions or awnings. ($25 handling fee.) NOTE: Custom-order stripes only available in 46″ widths.

Sunbrella fabric are inspired by rich color palettes, cultivated trends,  and an array of textures.

For an economical, attractive and durable option, view our AirFlow MESH fabrics.

Para Tempotest fabrics – premium Italian outdoor fabrics for awning, marine and outdoor furniture cushions.

Need Swatches? Just add the fabrics to your favorites (+) or remove them (X). Then, review your favorites and request them on-line, or call 1-800-894-3801

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    Selected Fabrics:

    Airflow mesh


    (72% Shade)


    (78% Shade)


    (78% Shade)

    Forest Green

    (not available in blinds) (77% Shade)

    Light Gray

    (69% Shade)


    (45% Shade)

    Sunbrella solid

    Sunbrella Beige

    Sunbrella Black

    Sunbrella Burgundy

    Sunbrella Cadet Gray

    Sunbrella Charcoal Tweed

    Sunbrella Forest Green

    Sunbrella Heather Beige

    Sunbrella Linen Tweed

    Sunbrella Navy

    Sunbrella Pacific Blue

    Sunbrella Sky Blue

    Sunbrella Taupe

    Sunbrella Terracotta

    Sunbrella Tresco Birch

    Sunbrella Tresco Linen

    Sunbrella Yellow

    Sunbrella striped

    Sunbrella Baycrest Sky

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Black Taupe Fancy

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Cooper Navy

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella East ridge Cocoa

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Forest Vintage Bar

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Grey / Beige Chip Fancy

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Havelock Brick

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Heather Beige Classic

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Manteo Cardinal

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Putty Regimental

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Sapphire Vintage Bar

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Taupe / Green

    (available in 46" only)

    Sunbrella Yellow / White

    (available in 46" only)

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    Sunbrella solid-woven solids and stripe fabrics shown on this site pass the Skin Cancer Foundation test for significant levels of sun protection.