Measuring for Your New ShadeTree Shade Solution

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Each deck and patio is as unique as the homeowner, therefore, no structure is standard. The canopies are made in custom sections to provide flexible shade. When starting to design a vinyl or wood pergola, please measure outside edge to outside edge of the footprint of the area to be shaded, that will help to determine the number and size of canopies you will need. Don’t worry if your measurements are exact, a ballpark will work for now. For a quick quote, use our estimator!


Determining width of area to be covered.


Determine projection of the canopies.


Select a fabric for the canopy.


Select a ShadeTree model.

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Step 1

Determining Projection of Area To Be Covered

Each model is slightly different, rest assured we have a nationwide database of installers who are experienced and available to come out to take exact measurements of the area you are looking to shade. This will help to be sure your custom design is accurate and produced specifically to your needs.

Step 2

Determine projection of the canopies

Any projection from the house can be ordered, up to 21′ . When ordering the Forester model, measure the full distance between the anchoring points at each end of the track. The factory will make the necessary adjustments to your measurements to allow for the brackets at each end. The factory will also include a track Extender (see right) for one end of each track to help you compensate for any minor measuring errors. Measure the horizontal distance (projection) from the anchoring point, as indicated below:

When ordering wood-mounted Forester models, projection should be from mounting point to mounting point.

When ordering the Capri (aluminum support system) or the Greenbriar (vinyl support system), or new vinyl Pergola, the projection measurement should be made from the side or overhang of the house to the outside edge (outside edge to outside edge if free-standing) of where you intend to position the support post.

Step 3

Select a fabric for the canopy

Select from over 100’s of handsome & durable decorator fabrics for your canopies! All produced from quality mills found in Italy and right here in the United States.

Step 4

Select a ShadeTree Structure

Whether you are looking to add shade to your existing structure or start from the ground up, we have a variety of shade systems that will fit your outdoor esthetics perfectly. Not sure? Our design consultants are happy to help you navigate through your needs and our structures.