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Here is a handy grid form you can print to help you determine the number of canopies for you deck or patio.

1. Determine width of area to be covered. The canopies are made in sections 5'4" or 4'2" wide. To cover wider areas, the canopies are ordered in multiple sections which interlock on tracks as shown at right.  Each of the tracks are therefore spaced 5'4" on center, or 4'2" on center. The two canopy widths can be mixed to achieve desired overall width of system.  When ordering a vinyl or wood pergola, please measure outside edge to outside edge of the footprint of the area to be shaded.  Not sure how many canopies you need?  Go to

2. Determine projection of the canopies.  Any projection from the house can be ordered, up to 21' . When ordering the Forester model, measure the full distance between the anchoring points at each end of the track. The factory will make the necessary adjustments to your measurements to allow for the brackets at each end. The factory will also include a track Extender (see right) for one end of each track to help you compensate for any minor measuring errors. Measure the horizontal distance (projection) from the anchoring point, as indicated below:

When ordering wood-mounted Forester models, projection should be from mounting point to mounting point.

When ordering the Capri (aluminum support system) or the Greenbriar (vinyl support system), or new vinyl Pergola, the projection measurement should be made from the side or overhang of the house to the outside edge (outside edge to outside edge if free-standing) of where you intend to position the support post.

3. Select a fabric for the canopy.
See fabrics page.

4. Select a ShadeTree model. Decide whether you prefer The Forester, The Capri, The Capri II, The Greenbriar or The ShadeRetreat.

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Installation Service Available
While the ShadeTree canopy systems are designed for easy do-it-yourself installation, if you would rather have a professional installer install your canopy system, call us and we will refer you to an authorized ShadeTree installer in your area.
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