Looking for an easy way to create a wood support structure for your new ShadeTree® "Forester"?

Now you can choose from several designs, using either our "Garden Getaway" brackets for a husky, yet finished-look, or use our new "Alpine" bracket kits for a rugged structure when space is limited.

Choose from TWO wood bracket kit options to create your awning design support structure:
Garden-Getaway Bracket Kits
make construction easy with these self-squaring and attractive brackets
These rugged, "Garden Getaway" bracket kits are so fool-proof and solid that they're popular with many of our commercial as well as residential customers. With easy-to-follow directions and standard 4x6 and 6x6 lumber from your local lumber dealer, this attractive structure can be installed in no time. Attach your new Garden Getaway to your home or use it as a free-standing structure. In your choice of powder-coated black or hunter green brackets and decorative post caps.
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includes all metal corner post brackets and bolts needed to complete the job, plus attractive post cap and easy-to-follow plans with details of lumber materials needed.
(Lumber and Forester overhead track system purchased separately.)

Alpine Bracket Kits
make construction of a cantilevered shade structure that uses only two support posts easy
If your backyard space is limited, or mounting to your home is not an option, these cantilever "Alpine" bracket kits are a great way to create your own shaded retreat. Using only two pressure-treated 6 x 6 posts (set in concrete in the ground), we provide the brackets, a handy diagram and list of lumber requirements. We can even arrange for installation and/or lumber purchase and delivery through your local lumber store!
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includes strong, powder-coated black metal corner and bracing brackets, as well as all the lag bolts needed to complete the job. Use your imagination or let us take care of the project using our authorized, independent ShadeTree® installers.
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