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Start enjoying every part of your home! Protect your family, friends, and house from the sun’s damaging rays with a custom retractable canopy from ShadeTree Canopies. When you choose our retractable canopies, you get the perfect shade for you and your family. Our wide range of retractable awnings, pergola canopies, bungalows, and louvered roof systems offer style and function to meet every need.

Keep customers comfortable and happy with a retractable canopy for your business. Well-crafted custom shade solutions from ShadeTree Canopies will keep patrons out of the sun so they can enjoy your products and services comfortably. Our design team can help you find the perfect retractable awning, pergola canopy, bungalow, or louvered roof system for your outdoor areas.


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About ShadeTree’s Retractable Canopies

For over 20 years, ShadeTree has been providing custom retractable canopy solutions for homes and businesses. We specialize in innovative designs, expert engineering, and quality construction. Here at ShadeTree, we have something for everyone. So, whether you need a freestanding or attached retractable canopy, or just want us to integrate our patented shade system into your existing structure, we have you covered.

How to Get Your Retractable Canopy

Our process is simple. It is as easy as 1... 2... 5.

1. Call Our experienced design consultants will answer any questions you may have and suggest the best retractable canopy products to fit your specific situation.

2. Email Images When it comes to your perfect retractable canopy solutions, pictures speak a thousand words. Send images of your idealized setup to help our designers suggest the best shade canopy for your space.

3. Exact Measurements After discussing your retractable canopy design, our installer will take exact measurements of your space to ensure a perfect fit.

4. CAD Drawing Once measurements have been taken, our team will create a CAD drawing of your custom retractable canopy design for your approval.

5. Pick Colors The most fun part – select your retractable canopy fabric from hundreds of different marine-grade options.

From there, our team will do what we do best: manufacture your custom retractable canopy system. Upon shipping, your ShadeTree installer will arrange a time and date for installation. Now, it’s time to Enjoy Your Outdoors with your new retractable canopy!

Get Your Retractable Canopy Solution Today!

You paid for your outdoor living space, so you should be able to enjoy it whenever you want. Don’t let the weather determine whether or not you can spend time in your outdoor space. Contact ShadeTree Canopies today for your custom retractable canopy solutions, and be on your way to enjoying the retractable awning, pergola canopy, bungalow, or louvered roof system you deserve!

What Our Clients Say

Paul Wagner
Paul Wagner
May 14, 2021.
Great people, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, made the whole process fun and easy. Great products, too!
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
April 4, 2021.
Because 666 was scary, so now there are 667
Lloyd Braun
Lloyd Braun
July 17, 2020.
We installed our Shadetree Canopy 11 years ago on the west side of our house. In Michigan we enjoy the sun as well as winter....and lotsa wind. Our canopy is stood the test of time. Only now are we replacing some of the hardware. We went with the Sunbrella fabric and it is still looking good.
Chris Davis
Chris Davis
July 9, 2020.
Great place.
Lenore and Rob Robillard
Lenore and Rob Robillard
June 11, 2020.
Putting up our awnings this year, I am still impressed after 16 years how well they look and work. We do remove them in the winter, a little mild soap wash in the spring and they’re good to go. We are still getting comments on how well they look. the one time many years ago I bent a roller really bad and had to order one, I called and actually spoke with the owner, or so I was told. Anyhow, made me feel good at the time, which leads me to a different issue. I had opted not to write a review earlier and instead decided to send a text( It is an option on the home page). I sent pictures and a comment and received a non human robot reply. I asked a question and the generic answer about products, contact info and have I received email promotions was replied again from a robot. One would think that a text from a human might trigger a response from a human, even if it’s the next day. But alas, progress has turned some things colorless. It is not a big thing to most, but to someone who values a handshake over a legal document, it’s a sad day While the awning we own is really a great product, some personal aspect are things of the past. RIP sadly Rob Rob
Connie Cole
Connie Cole
May 19, 2020.
We have had a canopy system for 16 years and still love it. We have replaced the fabric once and since then, we remove fabric for 4-5 months in the winter and it is lasting much better. We recently ordered small plastic replacements parts for the awning, for the first time. Received them in less than a week. Great company.
mike smith
mike smith
May 8, 2020.
Just to let you know that I put the whole canopy up by myself. It looks great but the rest of my yard still needs a lot of work so that is why I haven't sent you a picture yet. Yes I did have some questions to myself during the process but once you get going they get answered. My canopy is 16'x16' and yes my patio sloped 3'' in that span but you let me know how to keep the canopy level. I also took the canvas of for the Winter and it only took me 1 hr to put it back on this spring. Thanks I'm extremely happy with your product.
terry peirce
terry peirce
April 24, 2020.
We had the best customer service experience ever with Shade Tree. Samatha was great at answering questions before we placed our order last year and helping us set up the payment option. We received them in March. They were installed just this past Saturday, April 18. They look great. The installer, Brett said he would send pictures since we are very techy in that respect. Our previous canopies were installed in 2008. So we really needed to replace them. We chose a totally different color and so glad we did. Gave the deck great look. Would highly recommend this company.
Joan Zoey Lavella
Joan Zoey Lavella
April 15, 2020.
Our designer was great, answering all of our questions and coming up with solutions to our layout dilemma. Everything was very easy to assemble. We have had it for a year now and it’s really improved the time we spend out on our deck which gets full sun all day.