Architectural Columns - Colonnades:
Pergola Arbors model

Deluxe vinyl structures
A versatile, architectural structure with many options to enhance
the natural beauty of your landscape.

Today's landscape architects are increasingly using architectural features to enhance the natural beauty of home landscapes. These neoclassical columns are ideal for this purpose. Being reproductions of ancient Tuscan columns, their clean Doric capitals sit atop smooth, non-fluted shafts. Connected overhead by optional decorative cross members, the two columns are ideal for highlighting the entry to a garden, to frame an ornamental planting, or perhaps an outdoor sculpture. They can also be used to support a Backyard Blinds™ privacy screen. Multiple units make a great colonnade along a garden walk or pathway. Available in white or beige.

A simple structure of two or more columns, these colonnade arbors provide a great way to accent your landscaping, or provide a functional place to hang blinds or privacy blinds.

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basic arbor Our "basic" arbor is a simple structure consisting of two cross beam headers of any length, with your choice of champhered (straight, angled ends) or scrolled ends, supported by two or more columns. deluxe arbor Our "deluxe" arbor is version of the "basic" arbor that includes an additional layer of decorative cross beams for added architectural interest. In your choice of champhered (straight, angled ends) or scrolled ends. You can add more functionality to both the "basic" and "deluxe" versions of our new colonnade arbors and walkways by adding our Backyard Blinds™ (click here to order blinds on-line!) or use them as a natural divider with hanging or climbing plants.
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Now you can choose from two different structure colors:
white or beige,
and two different decorative rafter end styles:
scrolled or champhered/angled end
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