Strip track ShadeTree shade canopy system enhances the function
& architectural beauty
of your arbor or pergola

Now you can mount your canopy tracks directly between beams to create a wood structure that provides shade as well as architectural interest. As an alternative to our standard aluminum Forester model tracks, which are two-sided and accommodate two canopies, ShadeTree® Canopies can be mounted between beams using our new "striptrack" system as shown in figure #1. The canopies are available in three fabric widths: 60", 46" or 30"; when calculating the spacing between your decorative beams, allow 5' 3 1/2" for 60" canopies, 4' 1 3/4" for 46" canopies or 33 1/8" for 30" canopies.

Strip-Track canopy systems are the same price as the Forester model, which is shown in the Forester pricing section.

   locking wind-release mechanism
Locking wind release mechanism for your ShadeTree Shade canopy
Figure 1
A simple, single-sided track attaches directly to your decorative beams. The protective wind release mechanism holds the canopies in place, or releases canopies in heavy wind.

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Simple space decorative strip track from ShadeTree shade canopy

It's easy! Simply space decorative beams 5' 3 1/2", 4' 1 3/4" apart or 33 1/8", depending on width of canopies ordered.

ShadeTree Strip Track canopy system

Flexible design! The ShadeTree Strip-Track Canopy System can adapt to existing structures, or start from scratch and design your own.


Or, use our new "Garden Getaway" bracket kit for a quick wood structure
This Garden Getaway bracket kit can also be used with Strip-Track for an easily-assembled, sturdy wood structure

Garden Getaway Bracket Kits for Quick Shade Canopy Installation
STRONG, attractive
& quick!
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