Creating an Outdoor Dining Space with Commercial Canopies.

With the recent pandemic, outdoor dining areas are more in demand than ever before. These spaces help grow your business through increased seating capacity and a more inclusive brand image. In addition, retractable and fixed awnings give your restaurant the perfect all-weather space to host events and accommodate guests’ preferences. Shade Tree Canopies has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor dining spaces.

Benefits of Restaurant Outdoor Seating

In the past year, restaurants have been trying to figure out ways to accommodate new restrictions while simultaneously keeping their doors open. This has led to surging demands for outdoor seating as customers try to look for a safe and healthy way to return to normality. Although COVID-19 triggered the recent spike in the popularity of outdoor seating, it has showcased the long-term benefits and is expected to last far into the coming future. Some of the game-changing benefits that come along with outdoor dining areas are as follows: 

  • Increased Revenue
  • Weatherproof
  • Event Space
  • Mood Boosts

Increased Revenue

Business 101 states that the core goal of any operation is the need to increase revenue, and restaurants are no different. These spaces appeal to those specifically looking for an outdoor experience and increase your total seating capacity, helping you capitalize on additional profits in two significant ways.


Inclimate weather can strike at any moment, but with a shade solution from Shade Tree Canopies, this worry is a thing of the past. You get the best of both worlds with a retractable style canopy – letting the sunshine in on good days and keeping the rain (and even snow with some structures) out on the not-so-good ones.

Event Space

Hosting events is a great way to increase business and attract repeat customers, and commercial canopies make it easier than ever. Draw in the customers and keep your performers dry with a beautiful outdoor dining area made possible by our retractable and fixed awnings.

Mood Boosts

Stress levels are higher than ever but did you know that exposure to sunlight helps improve your mood? Outdoor dining areas allow your guests and servers to experience all of the natural mood-boosting benefits of the sun, making everybody’s day just a little better.

Commercial Awnings in Columbus

With all of the benefits of outdoor dining areas, it’s hard to believe that not every restaurant has one.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to create your own is by having us install a commercial canopy. In addition to our retractable canopy structure, we offer two different types of weatherproof systems; all of which make a great overhead covering for an outdoor dining space. Finding the right awning has never been easier.

KE Awnings

Italian-designed and US manufactured daily, these retractable awnings are custom-made. With extendable led arms, our awnings are built with strength and with an automatic solar sensor to offer wind protection. Extending your patio coverage is a breeze with the automatic motor.

Louvered Canopy Systems

Our louvered roofing systems are perfect for permanent outdoor areas. A louvered roof system consists of horizontal slats, much like the ones found on shutters, and are open and closed by a remote or solar powered. By using an automatic closing mechanism like this, you can change the state of your outdoor dining area in an instant. Open the slats to let the sunlight in and close them when it starts to rain and/or snows.

In addition to overhead structures, Shade Tree Canopies offer all weather blinds to turn your outdoor area into a three-seasons room. Providing your patrons comfort and protection while they enjoy their experience at your restaurant. The blinds keep out wind and rain while keeping the heat in during the unpleasant days and never allowing your capacity to drop. 

With our vast range of options, your restaurant will be the next popular outdoor dining area! Contact Shade Tree today and start reaping the benefits that outdoor dining spaces provide both you and your customers.