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It's an outdoor lover's dream . . .

Do you watch HGTV and dream of having a luxurious backyard? Or enjoy the outdoors but not heat? Shadetree® retractable awnings and canopies offer an economical way to shade your deck or patio that also adds value, excitement and hours of enjoyment to your home. In this gallery you'll see how our customers are able to customize their outdoor shade solutions and tailor them to their home's specific needs and style. From discreet beige to patterned fabrics our awnings can be ordered to match your patio area and your home exterior.

Some of our customers worry that they're backyard or deck isn't the right shape and size for a ShadeTree retractable awning solution but our designers have come up with some innovative ways to make our shade solutions work for your outdoor space. View our gallery and see some of our favorite outdoor spaces that our customers now enjoy. If you're interested in what our designers will come up with for your outdoor space, talk to a Shadetree representative today.

Whether you're seeking shelter from the sun's intense rays, or simply jazzing up the backyard, you'll appreciate the many unique benefits of ShadeTree® Retractable Awnings.

· ShadeTree® retractable awnings turn your hot deck or patio into a cool, shaded "outdoor room"
· Unlike traditional awnings, retractable awnings cover small, odd-shaped, or LARGE areas - spans up to 21'! (no pitch required) Adapts to existing structures, too!
· Many models to choose from, with over 40 decorator awning fabrics (guaranteed not to fade)
· Patented, built-in awning wind protection
· Easy financing available
· See why ShadeTree® retractable deck & patio awnings are a better shade solution than other retractable awnings
What customers are saying:
  • "Our deck looks fantastic and is now a cool extension of our home, thanks to our new ShadeTree system."
    - David N., Castle Rock, CO
  • "We love our new ShadeTree Pergola system! We actually enjoy our afternoons on our patio."
    - Carol D., San Diego, CA.
  • "When we purchased our home, we didn't realize how much sun would reach our back yard. We installed a ShadeTree canopy system last year, and we absolutely love each moment we spend outside with our family."
    - Dan S., Columbus, OH
  • "We installed a ShadeTree Biltmore system near our pool for entertaining purposes. Not only do we enjoy the shade, but it makes a dramatic statement and completes the atmosphere."
    - Jody A., Austin, TX
  • "We purchased a pre-made Capri Canopy Kit for our patio, and we are so happy. ShadeTree helped us each step of the way."
    - Tracy L., Pittsburgh, PA
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