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How to measure for canopies on an existing pergola, OR if building a new structure
1. Determine width of area to be covered. The canopies are made in three fabric widths: 60, 46, & 30 see track options below for specific spacing. The canopy widths can be mixed to achieve desired overall width of system. Measure the overall width of the mounting space to determine the number of canopies. Not sure how many canopies you need? Find out using our interactive estimator.
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(strip track)
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enlarge diagram Beams can also be routered and track
concealed. See strip tracks
2. Determine projection of the canopies. Any projection can be ordered, up to 21'. Measure the full distance between the anchoring/mounting points at each end of the double-sided track, OR if using single-sided track, measure the overall length of the beam onto which you intend to mount the tracks. The factory will make the necessary adjustments to your measurements to allow for the brackets at each end. The factory will also include a track Extender for one end of each double-sided track to help you compensate for any minor measuring errors. (Roof mounting brackets are also available.)

Please note: Actual canopy length will be 6 to 10 shorter than your projection measurement to accommodate track mounting hardware.
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