The Made In The ShadeTree Process

Your Shade Your Way

Winter’s chill and cold temperatures seem to be mostly (hopefully) behind us. Warmer weather, longer days, sweet spring breezes and bright sun are here to stay.. Soon enough, we’ll be enjoying our outdoor spaces with friends and family. The best way to maximize that time and escape harmful, dangerous UV rays is with a new canopy, awning or pergola from ShadeTree.  

We work with you to make sure the shade you want is the shade you get. 

The ShadeTree Process 

  • Let’s talk – Our design experts have been working with customers across the country for decades. We understand sun, angles, materials, installation, aesthetics and which of our products is best for you and your space. Let’s chat! Contact us today to get the process started.
  • Pics – This goes without saying, but the more photos the better. You send us the pictures and we can show you how your outdoor space will be transformed. In most cases, your camera phone will be ideal.
  • Tale of the tape – Grab your handy tape measure and let’s go! To make it even easier, here’s a grid that our pros use to map out the space. This is what you need to take into account when you’re determining length and height. If that isn’t your thing, our pros will come out and complete a FREE, NO OBLIGATION measuring.
  • Design Time – Now that we have the photos and the measurements, we use cutting edge computer learning to design your shade and how it will look in your outdoor space.
  • Your Shade, Your Look – Your outdoor room is almost ready! All you have to do now is decide which fabrics you like best. You can select from over 100 stunning, durable materials that will make your space stand out and look its best.
  • Time to Build – Our expert craftsmen have all the information they need. Soon enough, we will be ready for …
  • Installation – If you’re so inclined, you can install your shade in an afternoon. If that isn’t your thing, we can connect you with a network of licensed, reliable installers who can install your shade.
  • Enjoy! – The sun is blazing but you’re cool and relaxed underneath your ShadeTree canopy, awning or pergola. Read a book. Listen to some music. Have dinner with friends. It’s your space and you make the rules.

Hear what our customers are saying about us! It’s an honor to work with them and help transform their outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary.

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