Cost of a Canopy Installed on my Deck

Canopies are an amazing addition to any home. From creating a shaded dining area, to having your own personal retreat, they can make your outdoors truly special. While many people are interested in getting a canopy installed, they worry that the cost of a custom-designed shade system is too high; this is a common misconception. At ShadeTree Canopies, our Retractable Canopy Systems are extremely affordable and can be installed quickly and easily. From our beautiful Capri, to our classic Pergola, you’ll love your new backyard. 

At ShadeTree, we want to make your yard a place to relax and enjoy. Our Retractable Canopy Systems are a great way to turn a sun-bleached patio into a shady oasis, perfect for the whole family. Our canopies offer a variety of benefits and are sure to make you want to spend more time outside. 

  • Cool Down an Unusable Deck- The sun is brutal in the middle of summer and can leave your outdoor areas unusable for most of the day. Fortunately, ShadeTree can help change that! By building a retractable canopy, you can take back your patio or deck and create a space that creates both comfort and enjoyment. You can have a cool, shady area in the middle of the day and retract your canopy back to enjoy the evening breeze. Canopies can also lower the temperature inside the home by reducing sun exposure on the windows and walls! 
  • Controllable Shade- ShadeTree’s Retractable Canopies allow owners to have flexible shade. You can easily engage your canopy halfway to create the exact amount of coverage you want. Create the right amount of shade for every occasion!
  • Fully Customizable- ShadeTree’s Retractable Canopies are completely customizable to fit your home precisely. With over 40 outdoor fabric choices and a variety of materials to choose from, you can get exactly the look you want. Our canopies are designed to integrate into your home perfectly to create an organic, complete look for your outdoor entertaining area. 
  • Easily Installed- Each of our ShadeTree Canopies are designed with the customer in mind. Our helpful and knowledgeable design team creates your customized canopy with prefabricated tracks and posts for easy installation. 

When you purchase a Retractable Canopy from ShadeTree, homeowner-installation is always an option. You will receive installation instructions, complete with the pre-drilled holes and pre-measured materials. Enterprising homeowners and DIYers are more than capable of handling installation. However, if you’d rather a professional installation, ShadeTree can help with that too. Installation prices vary, however, they typically are 15 percent of the cost of the system.

At ShadeTree, our Retractable Canopies are made with you in mind. Each and every project is completely custom made, from the dimensions to the variety of materials. Prices vary based on size and structure but often range from $2,500, for the understated Forrester System, to $8,000, for the sweeping Bungalow System. At ShadeTree Retractable Canopies, each system is uniquely designed and tailored to fit your home. Visit our website today to learn more!