How to Add Shade to an Existing Pergola

Pergolas are a beautiful addition to any property. Whether they’re free-standing in a backyard or attached to a patio, they create a comfortable space that’s perfect for the whole family. However, while pergolas were originally created to provide outdoor shade, recent usage has seen them with open tops that let the sun shine through. At ShadeTree Canopies, we want to give you the best of both worlds. We offer a variety of ways to add shade to an existing pergola to turn it into a functional and fashionable outdoor space. 

The Forester – The Forester is a beautiful overhead awning system that adds shade and comfort to your existing wooden pergola. Designed to be easily installed and mounted, the Forester comes with all the canopies, overhead tracks, and mounting hardware necessary for installation. Featuring a double-sided track, the Forester can be easily mounted to your own existing wooden structure, and is adjustable for whatever amount of shade you’d like. 

Vinyl Pergola Kit– At ShadeTree Canopies, we created the perfect way to add adjustable shade to your outdoor entertaining area whether you have an existing structure or not. Our vinyl pergola kits allow you to convert your hot deck or patio into a stunning shaded area quickly and easily. Pre-cut and pre-drilled, our kits are made of easily maintained vinyl or powder-coated aluminum and can span unsupported up to 24 feet. Available in a variety of fabrics and materials, the Vinyl Pergola kit is the best way to add shade and usable space to your outdoor area.

Dropdown Blinds–  While one of the best ways to add shade to a pergola is with a top, it’s not the only way. Our dropdown blinds are an excellent addition to your pergola to make it even shadier and more comfortable. ShadeTree’s retractable Backyard Blinds are custom sized and can be easily installed on your existing structure or added to a structure kit and are a great way to dress up your space. Backyard Blinds add shade and privacy, so you can enjoy your space even more.

At ShadeTree Canopies, we want to help you make your outdoor space more comfortable and usable. Our easily installed retractable canopies can be adjusted to let just the right amount of sunlight in, and are durable enough to last years. Whether you want to add shade to an existing pergola, or are starting from scratch and need a full kit, we can help!