The Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Canopies

Are your summers controlled by the heat of the sun? We would all like to spend more time outside, but it’s no secret that the heat can quell this desire. Depending on where you live, the heat can have a minimal or drastic impact on how much time you spend outside. Retractable canopies solve this problem and provide a number of other benefits as well. In addition to the heat-dampening effects of retractable awnings, they can also increase property value, business, and curb appeal.

In short, canopies and retractable awnings improve your residential or commercial property’s overall comfort, functionality, efficiency, and attractiveness.

  • Retractable canopies increase property value.
  • Retractable canopies improve the experience of your guests.
  • Retractable canopies maximize outdoor and indoor comfort.
  • Retractable canopies improve curb appeal.
  • Retractable canopies reduce energy costs.

1. Retractable Canopies Increase Property Value

Home and business owners are always looking for a way to maximize their properties’ market and perceived value by spending the least amount of money possible. Retractable canopies are a fantastic way to increase a property’s perceived and market value, and they cost substantially less than other business or home improvements leaving more room for profit.

The market value increase is due to the increase in functionality and appeal. Retractable canopies make commercial spaces more attractive to customers, and anything that draws in customers is valuable to potential buyers. Retractable awnings play a similar role in increasing market value for residential real estate properties in that they improve the property’s look, appeal, and functionality.

Perceived value is what the potential buyer sees as valuable when they consider purchasing a property. Whether your retractable canopy is on a commercial or residential property, you can expect potential buyers to appreciate the added functionality and curb appeal and be more willing to buy as a result.

2. Improve the Experience of Your Guests

Whether you’re hosting guests at your private residence or serving customers at your business, retractable canopy systems will surely improve the experience of both. Customers enjoy sitting outside, and a canopy allows them to do so without the heat ruining their experience. Similarly, your friends and family will appreciate a cool place to congregate outside during family gatherings or neighborhood cookouts.

3. Crank Up the Comfort

Many of us have been told our whole lives to get outside and get some sun. And while this is good advice, too much sun, as is the case with too much of anything, can have adverse effects. The sun puts off harmful UV rays that can cause short-term consequences such as sunburns or more serious long-term consequences, including skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 5.4 million skin cancer diagnoses every year. Retractable canopies protect people from the potentially harmful consequences of too much sun exposure.

Aside from the health benefits of being protected from the sun, retractable canopies have been shown to improve the comfort of outdoor spaces drastically. The shade that retractable awnings and canopies provide can reduce the temperature by up to 25°F, which is enough to make or break a leisurely day outside.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

Whereas most property improvements only do one or the other, retractable canopy systems add functionality to a property and increase curb appeal. The fabric construction of retractable canopy systems makes it easy for property owners to find a color and pattern that complement their desired style.

The primary benefit of an increased curb appeal for commercial properties is that it makes the establishment more attractive to potential customers and, therefore, more likely that they will stop. For residential properties, better curb appeal makes a property stand out from the rest, which can be a significant benefit in the event the owner wants to sell.

5. Outdoor Canopy Systems Reduce Energy Costs

It’s no secret that the sun puts out a lot of heat but did you know that this heat can pass through windows and doors and heat the inside of a home or business? Solar heat gain is the heat generated by the sun passing through to the interior of a property. Retractable canopies prevent the sun from shining directly into windows and glass doors and drastically reduce solar heat gain. Less solar heat gain means less air conditioning and more energy savings. Opposingly, the canopies can be retracting or removed in the winter months to take advantage of the solar heat gain.

The ShadeTree Difference

Nobody understands the benefits of outdoor canopy systems better than ShadeTree. Our retractable canopies are custom-made to fit the individual needs of each customer. We offer a free CAD service that allows us to create professional designs to give each customer a glimpse of what our custom system would look like.

ShadeTree is the go-to choice for retractable canopies for residential and commercial settings. Each retractable canopy system comes pre-cut and pre-drilled to allow for a fast and stress-free installation.

Residential Canopies

Reclaim your patio or deck with a retractable canopy system from ShadeTree. Our durable residential canopy systems provide the shade you and your family need to get through the Summer. Order yours today and start taking advantage of the top five benefits of outdoor canopy systems.

Commercial Canopies

Functional outdoor spaces increase traffic in commercial areas, especially if they’re covered by an outdoor canopy system. Our commercial canopies will improve the look of your business and provide your customers with a comfortable dining, drinking, or general gathering experience. Order a commercial canopy system today and give your customers the first-class experience they deserve.