The Value of a Shadetree Canopy System

One of the biggest oversight about ShadeTree canopies is about their overall value. It’s easy to look at a ShadeTree outdoor canopy and dismiss it as just shade.

But a quality ShadeTree canopy has much more to offer you than simply a cool spot to sit outside. They create value, save you money, and provide you with a great space you can proudly create memories under.

Here are just a few things to know about the true value of ShadeTree’s outdoor shade systems.

Outdoor Shade Systems from ShadeTree Create Entertainment Space

One need we have that will never go away is the need to wind down and relax. For some people, that means taking a vacation.

Problem is, travel is expensive, timely and sometimes the stress of arranging your travel defeats the whole purpose of it being relaxing in the first place.

With a ShadeTree outdoor canopy system at your home, you can bring the vacation vibes right to you instead! Our shade structures create an outdoor room with the flexibility to use it how you want – keep it cool and shaded in the daytime, then retract it at night to enjoy the stars. All you need is some nice furniture and maybe a drink with a little umbrella, and you’re ready for a relaxing staycation.

A shaded outdoor space makes a perfect place to entertain friends and family as well – why spend a small fortune renting out an event space to entertain a group when you can simply create one at your own home?

We help you design and create a space you can relax in, and one you’ll be proud to invite people to come see.

ShadeTree Outdoor Canopies Are a Long-Term Value

As much as you’ll enjoy having a ShadeTree outdoor shade system for your own use, you’ll enjoy it even more once you see the value you get out of designing one.

See, when we talk about the value of a ShadeTree canopy system, it’s not just about the value it brings to you from using it. It’s also about the value it adds to your home!

A well-designed patio adds as much as 8-10 percent to your home’s appraised value, and a ShadeTree shade system has been shown to generate over 80 percent return on your investment in home value.

And because ShadeTree outdoor shade systems are built to last for decades, that value will persist even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon. So you can enjoy the benefits of having your shaded outdoor area, and also feel great knowing it’s created value for your home that goes far beyond the money you put into it.

Of course, that’s not the only way ShadeTree generates value for you in the long run.

ShadeTree Outdoor Shade Systems Save You Money

There are many ways that a ShadeTree outdoor shade system can save you money over time, starting with energy costs.

The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers has found that exterior fabric shading systems can reduce indoor heat gain by 55-65% on south-facing windows and 75% on windows with western exposure.

Reduced heat gain equals less money and energy spent on air conditioning usage, which means you save money every summer day, while still keeping your home comfortable.

In addition, a ShadeTree canopy system is more cost effective than a simple patio umbrella. While an umbrella barely covers a couple of seats and can give inconsistent shade coverage, a ShadeTree system comfortably covers a much broader living space for less money per square foot of shade, while lasting longer and needing less maintenance.

With no motors to replace and no remotes to lose, ShadeTree canopies are low-maintenance and don’t require much investment over their lifetime. You can still replace the fabric canopy quickly and easily without replacing the actual structure. That’s a more cost-effective replacement than having to replace the entire system, whether you’re worn out your fabric over time or you just want a new look.

A ShadeTree outdoor canopy system also helps your patio furniture last longer. By protecting it from the elements and constant sun exposure, you can limit color fading and material decay. And that’s to say nothing of protecting yourself and your loved ones from those same harmful UV rays!

So if you’re interested in building an outdoor shade canopy that will give you a relaxing outdoor space, create value for your home and save you money over time, you know what to do. Contact ShadeTree today and see how we can help you design a custom shade solution for your home or business.