Why You Should Invest in Shade in the Winter

Benefits of Investing in Shadetree Products During the Winter Months

Winter is here! The snowy landscape is beautiful and evocative of memories from days past, especially during the holidays. Many of our home or business remodeling projects have taken a backseat to the seasonal festivities, and with good reason – the winter weather isn’t exactly conducive to completing outdoor projects.

Due to this, many people think they need to wait until spring to invest in Shadetree Canopies in order to maximize their outdoor living space. However, this isn’t necessarily the case – especially when you take into account the amazing year-end sales we offer at Shadetree Canopies!

Act Now to Enjoy the Biggest Savings of the Year

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create ways to better enjoy your patio, porch or garden area, or a business owner hoping to attract more guests in the spring with a covered patio area, Shadetree Canopies has you covered! Our residential canopy systems are durable, stylish, and easy to install, making investing in shade for your outdoor living area a smooth and effortless process. The retractable pergolas, canopies and awnings in our residential collection come in a wide variety of styles.

For commercial applications, we offer all-weather canopies and fixed roof systems that add value to restaurant patios, commercial workspaces, condominiums, and more. There are few better ways to extend the high-value space for your business than adding an outdoor canopy that functions in all weather. And, taking time to invest in shade during the winter means you won’t be taking precious opening hours in the spring to install your new canopy or roof system.

Beat the Spring Rush – Design Now, Install First in Spring

Shadetree Canopies is now offering our fantastic year-end sales on all of our canopies – including retractable fabric awnings, commercial all-weather canopies, aluminum pergolas, fixed roof systems and bungalows. We also offer layaway options, so even if you’re struggling to fit a Shadetree Canopy into your budget now, you can make payments throughout the winter and be ready to install your new canopy in the spring!

Contact our experienced team of designers and installation experts today – we can help you select the right custom canopy for your home or business, and assist you with the design. We are committed to helping each and every one of our customers design, install and enjoy a beautiful and functional canopy for their home or business. 

Shop now and take advantage of our end-of-year sales! And remember, we always have a real live person available to help you through the design and buying process.